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Admissions Staff & Contacts

Admissions Office

Toll-free phone number:
(888) 4-CHOWAN

Main phone number:
(252) 398-1236

Fax number:
(252) 398-1190

E-mail address:

Mailing Address:
Chowan University
Office of Admissions
One University Place
Murfreesboro, NC 27855

Kim Sherman Bailey
Kim Sherman
Dean of Admissions
252-398-1236 or 1 (888) 4-CHOWAN

B.S. in Elementary Education,
Chowan University

M.Ed. in Elementary Education,
Chowan University 

"If you are looking for a University that will allow you to grow spiritually and academically all while making memories that will last a lifetime, Chowan is the place for you. As an alumnae of both the undergraduate and graduate programs at Chowan, I would be honored to assist you in becoming part of the family."



Shellie Saxby
Shellie Saxby
Director of Admissions
Adult Degree Completion Program
School of Graduate Studies
888-424-6926 or 1 (888) 4-CHOWAN

B.S. in Criminal Justice,
Chowan University

“If your plans are to attend our popular Adult Degree Completion Program, do not hesitate to call me. As a Chowan University graduate, I’ll be more than happy to help you become a part of this great university!"



Samantha A. Matthews
Samantha A. Matthews
Director of Admissions
252-398-6219 or 1 (888) 4-CHOWAN

B.S. in Criminal Justice,
Chowan University

"I can give the students a first-hand account of life at Chowan University, the classes, the professors, the challenges, the fun, everything. I love to tell people about my experience here at Chowan, and I would love for other people to get the chance to have the amazing experience I did!"



Scott Parker
Scott Parker
Director of Admissions Information
252-398-6314 or 1 (888) 4-CHOWAN

B.A. in Mass Communications,
Campbell University

"I came to Chowan because I love working with students and getting to know them personally. You'll find that Chowan University is a family that really cares about you and truly has faith in your future!"



Lane Rice

Lane RiceDirector of Admissions Communication
252-398-6298 or 1 (888) 4-CHOWAN

B.A English,
(Minor in Linguistics)
Wake Forest University

"I love being a part of the Chowan University family. If you are looking for a university that will invest in you, believe in you, encourage you, and push you toward excellence in all areas of your life, then Chowan is the school for you. Contact me any time to learn how you can become a part of the Chowan family!"

Kendall Charity

Kendall CharityAssistant Director of Admissions
252-398-6541 or 1 (888) 4-CHOWAN

B.A. Biology,
Chowan University

B.A. Environmental Science,

Chowan University

"Booker T. Washington stated 'Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.' Chowan University has been the cornerstone to my success and I know with faith and hard work it will be the same for you."

Becca Fretz
Becca FretzAssistant Director of Admissions
252-398-6351 or 1 (888) 4-CHOWAN

B.A. in Early Childhood Education,
(Biology Concentration)
Elmira College

M.S. in General Education,
Elmira College

"I came to Chowan University because it’s a family here and they believe in you. Everyone here wants you to be successful and feel welcome and if that is something you are looking for Chowan is the perfect fit for you.”



JamaRR Royster
JamaRR Royster
Admissions Counselor
252-398-1235 or 1 (888) 4-CHOWAN

B.S Exercise Science,
(Minor in Coaching)
Chowan University

"Chowan University has undoubtedly equipped me with all the necessary tools towards my success. As a recent graduate of Chowan University, I can attest to Chowan’s creed “faith in your future” and share the experiences I had as a student with you. I am looking forward to meeting with you and to help you unlock the door to this unique opportunity."



Nick Khouri

Nick KhouriAdmissions Counselor
252-398-1697 or 1 (888) 4-CHOWAN

B.S., Business Administration,
(Accounting Concentration)
Chowan University

"Working at Chowan University is another opportunity the school has provided me. Now, I have the responsibility to provide students an opportunity to be educated at Chowan. I am excited to open the door for you and your future here on campus!"

Amber Matthews

Amber MatthewsAdmissions Counselor
252-398-6371 or 1 (888) 4-CHOWAN

B.S./ Exercise Science,
(Minor in Coaching)
(Minor in Psychology)
Chowan University

"Chowan University is a place where people will know you by name, will always encourage you to do your best, and grow in your faith. As an alumnus I can attest for the wonderful opportunities Chowan provides its students with, and as a member of the Chowan University admissions staff I would like to share those opportunities with you!."

Elizabeth Jernigan
Elizabeth Jernigan
Administrative Assistant and
Campus Visit Coordinator
252-398-1236 or 1 (888) 4-CHOWAN

B.S. in Biology,
Chowan University

"As a recent graduate from Chowan University, I am eager to help future students, like you, choose Chowan as their home away from home just as I did four years ago."


Randy Harrell
Randy Harrell
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

"I choose Chowan on a daily basis because I see the way students lives are transformed through the individual approach CU takes in investing in their future."






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