Leadership Scholarship Application

Leadership Scholarships are only available to new students enrolling in FALL 2010.
  If you have already attended a Leadership Scholarship Day then you are not eligible to attend another

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In the space below, please list any honors, awards, positions, memberships, activities, or community service projects that demonstrate your qualities as a leader.


In the space below, please type or cut and paste an essay (not to exceed 500 words) on how you will be a leader in fulfilling the mission statement of Chowan University.

Mission Statement

    Chowan University is a four-year coeducational institution committed to excellence in teaching, learning and service.  The University provides the environment for students to become learners who possess the skills, knowledge, creativity and ethical values necessary to survive and flourish in a rapidly-changing, culturally diverse, global society.  Chowan University as a church-related institution, was founded upon and is dedicated to Christian values.  Consistent with its heritage, the University is guided by the historic dialogue, freedom of inquiry and expression, and a moral commitment to the pursuit of truth.