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Academics: School of Business

Management Concentration

“The School of Business at Chowan University provided me with a future of endless opportunities and vast knowledge of how to adapt to the rapidly changing business world. I thank the School of Business professors and staff for providing an opportunity for each and every one of your students and taking the time to get to know each student on a personal basis. When I talk to all of my friends about the colleges they attended, there is not a single one that had the helpful relationships with professors as I had at Chowan University.”

Steven Carroll, Class of 2012, B.S. in Business Administration, Concentration in Management

Chowan University’s School of Business can prepare you for a successful career in the important field of management. Peter Drucker, one of the foundational theorists in management, stated that managers set objectives, organize people, motivate and communicate, analyze performance and develop people. Managers are needed everywhere – in small businesses, huge corporations, governments and non-profit organizations.

A business management degree is valuable for individuals beyond those seeking to be a manager. Organizations are increasing the level of responsibility for all employees, making it critical for people entering the job market to have strong management skills. The small class sizes at the School of Business at Chowan University enable the professors to give each student individualized attention. Students develop their skills through practical classroom exercises, interesting group projects, and intellectually stimulating classroom lectures.

Management courses focus on developing the knowledge, abilities and people-skills necessary to manage in today’s knowledge economy. Specialized courses focus on different aspects of management including communications, decision making processes, teamwork, ethics, motivation, human resources, electronic commerce, organizational theory and behavior, entrepreneurship, and leadership. A degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management supplies the foundation for your success as a manager and a leader in the dynamic world of business.

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