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Chowan Critical Thinking Program; elements, standards, disposition:

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Critical Thinking Program

Are you prepared to succeed in college?
Are you prepared to achieve the quality of life that
you want for yourself?

We want all students at Chowan University to be able to answer these questions with a confident: “Yes!”

So we created the Chowan Critical Thinking Program to introduce students to what we believe is the key to success – the ability to function as an effective critical thinker.

Effective critical thinkers can….

  • Read, write, and listen.
  • Adapt to new situations and changing technologies.
  • Think creatively and solve problems.
  • Appreciate the richness and beauty of the world around them.
  • Think for themselves.

As a first-semester student at Chowan you will participate in the CCTP in a sequence of two courses:

  • CT 101 – in this course you will be introduced to Chowan University and make a strong connection to your instructor and to your Peer Mentor. You will learn essential academic skills. And you will be introduced to the character traits that are common to effective critical thinkers.
  • CT 102 – in this course you will learn a structured approach to thinking through any problem, task, or question. Then you will practice this approach as you study a specific topic with a Chowan University professor. Here are some of the recent topics:
    • It's All Rock and Roll to Me: Critical Analysis of Hit Songs
    • The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth: A Study of the Gospel of Mark
    • "It's Alive!!" Animation and Special Effects: History, Theory and Practice
    • Monty Python: Reaction and Commentary
    • The Enlightenment: A Reasonable Revolution
    • "Souled Out" - Winning and Losing at Sports

The values and abilities that you learn in the CCTP will transfer directly to your other courses at Chowan University, helping to ensure your success.

Once you graduate and enter into your career, you will be better prepared to adjust to a rapidly changing world.

If you’d like more information regarding the Chowan Critical Thinking Program, please feel free to contact Dr. Keith Reich, Coordinator of the Chowan Critical Thinking Program, or 252-398-6313.

Chowan Critical Thinking Program

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